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100* NBA Game of the Night!!

No. 2 ranked Overall handicapper this year!

Coming off a recent 1321-1125 (54%) Overall run and ready to keep the profits piling up tonight.

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Jeff Alexander's has his $1,000 Players Up $184,000 long-term!

Take your bookie out back and give him the beating he deserves with Jeff's BUCKS/RAPTORS SIDE/TOTAL PARLAY!

*#3 Ranked Handicapper 2019 (Overall)*

--#2 Ranked NBA Handicapper All-Time (Profiting over $122,000)--

--#2 Ranked Basketball (NBA/NCAAB) All-Time--

--Top 10 NBA Handicapper (6x) Since 2009--

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Stephen Nover's NBA Sunday Dominator - 83% NBA Hot Streak!

NBA guru Stephen Nover is 2-0 with his plays on this Eastern Conference Finals between the Raptors and Bucks. Stephen has won five of his last six NBA plays for 83 percent. Keep taking advantage of Stephen's expertise, elite analysis and sizzling hand on this Max Unit Game 3 play on the Bucks-Raptors and profit big again! 

Razor’s 9* NBA ML Silent Assas$in!

As always, this NBA package comes 100% GUARANTEED!

**#3 ranked NBA in 2018-19!**
**#4 ranked Overall in 2013!**
**#10 ranked Overall in 2010!**
**#2 ranked NBA Capper (out of 90+) on this site!**
**#8 ranked Overall Capper (out of 90+) on this site!**

Join Ray Monohan with his Money Line on Bucks v. Raptors! *Long term success!* Join us today & start making P-R-O-F-I-T-$ 1-day at a time.

NBA Sunday Winner from Trev Rogers!

**#11 ranked Overall handicapper on this site!**

**#1 ranked Overall in 2014**
**#2 ranked Overall in 2013**
**#8 ranked Overall in 2017**
**#8 ranked Overall in 2009**

Trev Rogers and his clients have gone 20-13 (61%) over his last 34 basketball picks! 

Chip's 'Guaranteed' NBA Megabucks

Chip's 'Guaranteed' NBA Megabucks

Chip Chirimbes, the 'Big Game Player' and 10-time Las Vegas Handicapping Champion was 1-0 in NBA action winning his 'Highest-Rated' NBA Megabucks Golden State (+) 110-99 OUTRIGHT over Portland and is 12-5 77% with his last 17 Megabuck releases and is 25-7 77% last 32 games overall (18-5 sides). Chip the 'Big Game Player' has been deemed a 'Post Season Wizard' bye the Nation's Media and has his 'Highest-Rated' NBA 'Guaranteed' Megabucks winner Sunday between Milwaukee and Toronto. Get it for only $49.

Rickenbach 10* NBA Playoff TOTAL OF THE YEAR Sunday *He is 16-4 / 80%!*

Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach is 4-0 / 100% PERFECT in May with GOM/TOM picks! He is 16-4 / 80% with his #1 Regular and Post Season Totals of the Year across all sports! CBB (4), NBA (2), CFB (3), NFL (4), NFLX (1), MLB (3), NHL (3). 20 picks, 16 WINNERS, 16-4 / 80% RECORD! His STRONGEST total of the ENTIRE NBA POST SEASON Sunday! Its THE BIG ONE!


**#7 ranked NBA in 2016-17 and #8 ranked Overall in 2014**

Mike Lundin has picked a sizzling 238-183 (56%) with his TOP RATED premium picks dating back to September 1, 2018 with +$38,000 in profits for $1,000/game betting clients. Now YOU have the chance to cash in with one of the best in the business. Invest in Mike's BUCKS @ RAPTORS GAME 3 BEST ATS BET and WIN BIG on your bookie's expense. 

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Alex Smart Sports- NBA Play Off LATE STEAM ( SIDE)- Bucks @ Raptors

The Milwaukee Bucks  and the Toronto Raptors do battle in game 3 of their NBA play Eastern Conference Final play off series this Sunday night. Which side has the edge ? Your 100% Guaranteed answer is locked and loaded and ready to make the books pay for taking our pro hoops action. Tests 46-31 60% NBA overall run! Tips after 7 pm et

AAA'S *10* TOP RATED TOTAL (SUNDAY) >> Won Total in BOTH Gms 1 & 2!

The numbers continue to get MORE & MORE RIDICULOUS for AAA ... they're now up $40,935 overall since Feb 6th! 

With it being "so easy" to get caught up in their BLISTERING 67-33-2 START IN MLB, don't forget AAA is also +$17,192 YTD with ALL NBA! That includes the winning total in both Gm 1 (Under) and Gm 2 (Over) of the Eastern Conf Finals! 3 for 3?

Ross Benjamin’s Sunday NBA 10* Top Play

Ross Benjamin has a 10* Top Play ATS winning side on today’s NBA Playoff game between Milwaukee/Toronto (7:00 ET). Ross is a shiny 14-6 (70%) L20 with all 10* Top Plays.


**#1 RANKED HANDICAPPER - 2017** Brandon Lee continues to build on his Massive 1,532-1,371 All-Sports Run that has his $1,000 Clients PROFITING $47,000 OVER L365+ DAYS!

If you are looking to cash in big on the pro hardwood Sunday get your hands on Lee's 40* BUCKS/RAPTORS NBA PLAYOFFS ATS SLAUGHTER!

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Michael's Sunday NBA Play on Bucks v. Raptors *569-479 Run*!

Michael Alexander has been red hot going 569-479 (54%) with his last 1078 NBA picks! In fact, his $1,000/game players are now up $24,340! Sign up now and win big on Bucks v. Raptors!

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Join Marc David with his total on Bucks v. Raptors!

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Marc David delivered a MONSTER MARCH MADNESS RUN! He cashed in with a 10* winner on Virginia in the Final, winning 9-of-11 since the Sweet-16! He racked up a healthy +$11,174 in profits with his last 100 NCAA picks. Now he turns his focus to the Association, and he's +$12,002 overall with NBA in 2019!


I am 4-1 my L5 NBA releases and today, we keep winning as I have my NBA EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS BUCKS/RAPTORS GAME 3 WINNER for you. Get on my HOT STREAK and get paid.

arc Lawrence NBA Playoff Game Three Never Lost Kill Play! - Sunday

Marc’s all-knowing database share a Game Three Kill Play on Sunday’s Eastern Conference clash between the Bucks and Raptors that has NEVER LOST the money in conference final playoff games.  You know exactly what to do!

3* Bucks/Raptors Game 3 VEGAS INSIDER **5x Top 10 NBA Handicapper**

**Top 15 Ranked Handicappers (All-Sports) in 2018**

Jimmy Boyd and his $1,000 clients are PROFITING over $46K last 365 days!

Boyd is ready to unload on the books Sunday with his 3* Bucks/Raptors Game 3 VEGAS INSIDER!

Jimmy's finished as the **#1 RATED BASKETBALL HANDICAPPER (TWICE)**! He's also a -5x TOP 10 NBA CAPPER!

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**88,000 IN HOOPS PROFITS!** 10* VIOLATOR! (21-7 RUN!)

WHITE HOT Ben Burns enters Sunday with a 28-13 RECORD the L10 days, a 21-7 mark with top-rated bets. He's an AWESOME 131-78 since April 1st! While his short-term stats are AMAZING, insiders know that it's Ben's long-term success which really separates him from the crowd. Top-rated hoops are on a LEGENDARY RUN which has produced $88K IN PURE PROFIT!


WHITE HOT Ben Burns enters Sunday with a 28-13 RECORD the L10 days, a 21-7 mark with top-rated bets. He's 131-78 since April 1st. That includes a SICK 48-24 RECORD with O/U plays. NBA has been ON FIRE throughout the playoffs & Ben's firing with an ABSOLUTE BLOCKBUSTER here. HURRY. This may be the best opportunity remaining in the entire postseason!

R&R Totals TOP NBA Over-Under Monday *Playoffs 15-6 71%*!

**#10 ranked NBA handicapper on this site!**

**#1 ranked Overall in 2015**
**#8 ranked Overall in 2011**

R&R Totals has a TOP NBA Over-Under for Monday! Now an impressive 113-87 (57%) over his last 204 NBA picks! Join us and make money like the $1,000 per game clients who are up $18,590 since May 05, 2018!  NBA Playoffs are 15-6 71% this year!

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MREAST NBA Spread on Bucks/Raptors

#1 NBA ranking in 2010-11
#1 NBA ranking in 2008-09
#9 NBA ranking in 2012-13
#10 NBA ranking in 2017-18
#2 Overall ranking in 2011
#3 Overall ranking in 2008
#6 Overall ranking in 2013

Join Mr. East with his spread on Bucks v. Raptors!

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NBA Bucks v. Raptors *127-71 Run* Sunday!

**#1 ranked NBA in 2009-10**
**#2 ranked NBA in 2013-14**
**#3 ranked NBA in 2012-13**
**#1 ranked Overall in 2013**
**#1 ranked Overall in 2011**
**#7 ranked Overall in 2010**


Johnny Banks is on an EPIC 127-71 (64%) run over his last 209 NBA picks! Johnny Banks has made $1,000/game bettors $50,160 since February 12, 2019 with his Total on Bucks v. Raptors!

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NBA Bucks v. Raptors * Run* Sunday!

**#1 ranked NBA in 2009-10**
**#2 ranked NBA in 2013-14**
**#3 ranked NBA in 2012-13**
**#1 ranked Overall in 2013**
**#1 ranked Overall in 2011**
**#7 ranked Overall in 2010**

Join Johnny Banks with his Money Line on Bucks v. Raptors!

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NBA Warriors v. Blazers *131-105 Run* Monday!

**#1 ranked NBA in 2009-10**
**#2 ranked NBA in 2013-14**
**#3 ranked NBA in 2012-13**
**#1 ranked Overall in 2013**
**#1 ranked Overall in 2011**
**#7 ranked Overall in 2010**


Johnny Banks is on an EPIC 131-105 (56%) run over his last 242 NBA picks! Johnny Banks has made $1,000/game bettors $16,450 since January 08, 2019 with his Spread on Warriors v. Blazers!

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10* NBA GAME of the WEEK - Bucks/Raptors (TNT)

Steve Merril is on a AWESOME 67% (12-6) All-Sports run, and now he has isolated his strongest NBA Best Bet this Week - Bucks/Raptors (TNT) - 7:05 pm ET - Don’t miss out.  Guaranteed Side that will WIN BIG!


**#19 Ranked NBA Capper**

**#3 Ranked NBA Capper in 2010-11**
**#5 Ranked NBA Capper in 2012-13**
**#10 Ranked NBA Capper in 2009-10**
**#2 Ranked Overall Capper in 2017**
**#7 Ranked Overall Capper in 2016**

Steve Janus is a proven expert in basketball handicapping. He's working on a 55% (368-301) Over L669 basketball Picks! This hot streak has his $1,000 Players Up $45,630!

Don't miss out on a golden opportunity to build your bankroll with Steve's 20* BUCKS/RAPTORS NBA WISEGUY TOP PLAY!

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Fargo's 10* NBA Sunday Enforcer (SOLID 33-22 Run)

Matt is on a solid run of late as going back to late April he is 33-22 his last 55 plays and he keeps it rolling here! He is back on Sunday night with a Top Play Enforcer that you cannot miss as the NBA Postseason continues that is currently on a 5-3 Run! He has isolated another MASSIVE winner for tonight that COVERS WITH EASE! This is a big one so do not miss out! Guaranteed!


Sean WON AGAIN in NBA last night and is now riding a RED HOT 10-1 NBA totals run and INCREDIBLE 51-25 NBA run! The winning continues with the Bucks vs. Raptors total on Sunday night; don't even consider missing out!


DMack wins his Western Conference Finals Game of the Year Saturday with Golden State and improves on 6-1 NBA mini-run with a slam dunk in Toronto. 17-5 in all sports and this is just the beginning!


Al McMordie passed in the NBA last night, but is back on the NBA hardwood for the Bucks/Raptors Game 3.  And this <B>EXTREMELY STRONG PLAY</B> is backed by a <B>92% ATS angle</B>.  Don't miss out on the NBA $$$$.  Get <b>Big Al's Toronto/Milwaukee Game 3 Winner</b> right now, and ANNIHILATE your Book on Sunday!


Rogers is now 20-11 with all picks the L10 days and looking back to April 1st finds him a SIZZLING 105-69 with ALL of his releases! But the big news around these parts continues to be THE COACH'S unreal MLB record, now 52-26 +$15K with ALL ballpark in 2019! But here, you can get his 10* EASTERN CONFERENCE ABSOLUTE DESTRUCTION for ONLY $30! You in?

GAME 4 SLAUGHTER HOUSE >>> 110-72 +$17K s/ APR 1!

Rogers is now a SIZZLING >>> 28-17 +$6K with ALL picks the L14 days and looking back to April 1st finds The Coach a STAGGERING >>> 110-72 +$17K with ALL of his selections! MLB has been MOLTEN HOT since Day 1, now a RIDICULOUS >>> 55-28 +$14.5K MLB YTD! Here's a HUGE PLAY that you CANNOT miss out on. Make it yours. RIGHT NOW!

NBA Eastern Conference Finals Guaranteed Game 3 Lock!

Back up the truck and unload on this one. It will be like stealing~

#1 Ranked NBA Rob V: Triple System Game 3 Power Play

$$ Game 3 Bucks at Raptors- Find out Who- Find out Why $$

** NBA Ranked #1 Overall Multiple Networks **

On Sunday night put the Power of the All Knowing NBA Playoff Database on your Side as Rob has 3 Big Systems that apply to this game as the Raptors play the Bucks. Get on it Now and Hammer your book on the hard wood tonight.

Jim Feist's NBA Total Annihilator - Sunday

Game Three of the Eastern Conference finals between the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors tonight from Toronto. Jim Feist has a play on the total here in game three, one of his Total Annihilators.  Join a Vegas betting veteran with over 47-years of winning experience and WIN in the NBA Playoffs with Jim.

15* Bucks/Raptors TNT ANNIHILATOR! (#1 NBA All-Time)

No. 2 Ranked Overall Capper All-Time! Jack Jones had another huge year last year as he was the No. 3 Ranked Overall Capper in 2018! He has absolutely CRUSHED the books over the past 20 months! He is riding a 1,079-869 Run L618 Days on all premium plays that has seen his $1,000/game players cash in $132,490!

No. 1 Ranked Basketball Capper All-Time! Check the long-term results and you'll see that Jack Jones has put together a MASSIVE 2,228-1,923 Hoops Run since 2012 that has seen his $1,000/game players ...

Larry's NBA 10* Situational Stunner (Mil/Tor Game 3)

Portland's second-half collapse ended Larrys' 3-0 run this week in the NBA playoffs. However, this 35-year vet remains on pace for a winning postseason (20-15, +$3,329), which would give him a THIRD consecutive winning NBA year (306-268-12, +$13,339 the previous two). His 10* Situational Stunner (Mil/Tor Game 3) caps the NBA week. BE THERE!

Doc’s Sports Sunday NBA 10* Sure Shot

Doc’s Sports NBA is on an 173-149 run and is one of the top NBA handicappers nationwide this season. They have a high-value Sure Shot play for Milwaukee/Toronto Game 3 on Sunday.

Sean's Sunday NBA Winner

Higgs looking to close out Sunday with another WINNER in NBA action. Conference Finals and Sean is locked in with this Bucks / Raptors series. Get on board today! 5-1 run now with our Playoff Sides


DO NOT make a move on Game 4 without first consulting with Ricky THE DRAGON Tran! BE THERE!

Ricky's Warriors v. Blazers NBA Premium Pick

**#4 ranked NBA in 2015-16**

Join Ricky Tran with his spread on Warriors v. Blazers!

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8* Cappers Club Power Play on Bucks v. Raptors *12-7 Run*!

Cappers Club is on an impressive 12-7 (63%) run over their last 19 basketball picks! Join the same handicapper that has made $1,000/game bettors $4,650 since February 25, 2018 with their Spread on Bucks v. Raptors!
The Cappers Club is here to make you a smarter sports bettor! As always, "The Club's" plays come GUARANTEED! You will profit or the next day is FREE!